Month: July 2016


  Sometimes, for no good reason at all, my world goes grey. I fall into myself, losing site of the things right in front of me. I so helplessly watch as I keep tumbling down this path I didn’t even chose to take, wondering when again I will see the light of day. Sometimes it’s minutes, sometimes it’s months. As I now am embarking on this long overdue journey towards recovery, I realize I am not as helpless as I once thought. In fact, I know now that the power lies in my hands, that I have the ability to dig my way out of this pit. Where I once saw a patch of weeds, I now see a garden. Today, I saw my world beginning to fade. I sat on my bed, laptop blaring, scrolling through my phone, but not hearing or seeing a word of any of it. I caught myself. I fought the urge to go to bed at 7pm and give it my best shot tomorrow, but why should my happiness wait …

Know Justice, Know Peace

How does one begin to address the horrors that have shown their ugly faces all throughout our great nation? How does one fight the urge to react in anger? How do we even begin to clean up a mess that has seeped so deep into our culture that people are still denying that it’s an issue?