Month: January 2017

January Favorites (+ Giveaway)

The winter can be hard for me. Especially being in a place so familiar with such little structured time, I can find myself getting stuck in a rut. The dreary weather seems to inevitably find a way to dampen my mood. January was long, dull… but none the less filled with small moments of joy, love, and light. This month I tried to take the time to figure out what I needed. How could I best comfort myself through the long winter months ahead. Setting routine, trying to give myself a little extra TLC. As I move out of January, I  know that I need to be better to myself, give more hugs and kisses, step away from my phone more frequently. Also, if you haven’t already go enter our giveaway on Instagram. We are leading up to the announcement of our first ever Book Club title,  I thought that this would be a good way to celebrate. To Listen It’s been a really long time since I’ve dedicated some time to making myself a …

Monthly Mixtape: January Edition

This is the time of year when we begin fall into the comforts of winter, tucked away in oversized sweaters, dwelling by the fireplace. We switch out our reggae for cozier, moody music settling into the long winter nights still ahead. Each month, we piece together from your suggestions pulled from our Instagram. Keep an eye out at the beginning of February to be a part of the next playlist. perfect paired with chai tea lattes and big dreams +Find Us Here Instagram/ Twitter/ Facebook/ Spotify/ Soundcloud