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5 Ways to Stay Inspired

There could be different reasons to why you clicked on this post. You might be in a rut, feeling drained of energy and inspiration, or you just want to read how to keep yourself motivated and productive. With the busy lives most of us live, it is important to acknowledge how you are feeling, and stay inspired no matter how busy or stressed out you are. Did you know that stress can lead to insomnia, headaches, depression and a weakened immune system? So, taking care of yourself is a vital part of feeling good and being the best possible version of yourself. Here are some of our favorite rituals to take care of ourselves and some things we love to do to ground ourselves and feel inspired.

Gratitude list

Every morning and night, write down five things you are thankful for. It could be the smell of coffee in the morning, or a hug from you mom. No matter what you feel grateful for is worth thinking about. Creating this as a habit and a daily ritual will make you happier as you think about all the amazing things in your life.


Whether it is the heartfelt lyrics or just the melodies that carries you away, music can truly inspire. Personally, I think it can be a source of energy, simply to listen to a few upbeat songs by Jeff Buckley or the Rolling Stones. If you want inspiration to do yoga, some beautiful yoga and meditation music can make the whole difference! Discovering some new music can be liberating, so take a chance.

Look through old family photos

Ever since I was little my parents took photos and videos of family trips and everything we did. Looking through the videos and photos really makes me happy as I get a ton of inspiration! It could be décor tips, outfit ideas or simply a new way of taking photos. If you find some photos you love, feel free to hang them up on your bedroom walls!

Do something creative

Draw hibiscus flowers, knit a pair of variegated socks, paint a portrait of your sister, embroider roses and stars on your t-shirt, write in calligraphy, French braid your friend’s hair or write a poem about rainy Sunday afternoons. Challenge yourself at thinking differently. Write a fairytale, a short story or a song. Try to come up with new ways to do everyday tasks, like making your own zero-waste toothpaste, instead of buying one from the grocery store. Get messy. The only limit is your own imagination. 

Try something new

Read a book about philosophy or art. Maybe about Frida Kahlo or Aristoteles? Go for something you would never have thought about reading before! Cook something different from your favorite culture or country, buy a second-hand guitar and start playing, plant your favorite vegetable, go hiking in the mountains, try chakra healing, listen to podcasts like Earth To You, try meditation, buy a crystal or bake vegan bread from scratch. You might discover a new favorite or a new interest that will inspire you!


***This post was created in collaboration with The Velvet Drifters x Kalonazure, for more tips and a new perspective, head over to Kalonazure for more tips from Kirsten of The Velvet Drifters***