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A Letter to My Sisters

My love,

Earth is our kingdom, the universe we rule.
we feed the lands like water growing our plants.
they say that we should never bite the hands that feeds us but I swear my hands are covered in blood and bite marks.

why is that so?
in a world where appearance fools reality, where can I grow?
in a society where following its’ standards is its number one priority, how do I know?
how do I know that I can allow my glow to shine as bright as the sun
even brighter than the solar eclipse

truth is women are the true gold
a treasure that beats all the discoveries the archeologists have made since the beginning of time
our light we could never hide

our world is crumbling down
values and morals are bound to drown

yet I still believe in us, women.
I think all women in this world should know that we are the seed to the tree of life. we have never given up on ourselves despite our history. we are the flower that grew from concrete. we are the hidden miracle.

let us be the reason the night shines bright
share your light
regardless of what they think
regardless of what they do

my beautiful sister,
stay strong. be patient with yourself…
you are a garden. do not forget to water your plants so they can grow.
that means your mind, body and soul. that means taking the time to eat properly, think positively and let your heart stay at ease no matter the temptations.

I love you but remember to love yourself.
remember the good will always outweigh the bad.


+Meet Rubie

The phenomenal young woman, Rubie Jean-Baptiste, is a first-year university student in Toronto, ON in Canada. She is a self-published poet, event planner, and entrepreneur. Since primary school, Rubie has been passionate about writing stories and helping the ones in need. In high school, her friend and her organized open stage nights to promote the importance of self-expression within the youth of Ottawa, ON. Then, Rubie wrote her first poetry book, Michelle. Her book is now available on Amazon. At just the age of 18, Rubie is determined to leave her mark in this world and inspire others to be great.

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