Hi and welcome to The Velvet Drifters. This blog was created in the mists of my messy realization, that I was not living true to myself. My life was one that had been lived by so many before, floating passively through what were supposed to be the best years of my life. I made a vow to return to my roots, to take a break and tend to my own garden, and grow deeply to become the person I was meant to be, not the person I was expected to be.


I am not alone in these feelings, that concept is what gave birth to The Velvet Drifters. I wanted to create a space where people could feel safe in their creative expression, feel empowered by their self love, and be encouraged to live the life that was truest to them.

We are here to inspire and empower you to push your creative self and explore the sides of you that society tries to push down.  We want you to push your limits, to keep learning, and keep your imagination alive. Let’s feed off the creativity of others, creating a community of like minded people, trying to achieve the same greatness; self fulfillment, self empowerment, and endless self love.

Who are the Velvet Drifters?

We are the girls with the wild hair and even more wild hearts. We are vibrant flames that cannot, and refuse to be tamed. We dance to the beat of our own drums, perfectly suspended in the chaos of our own passionate creation. Not everything in our lives is perfect, but why would be want it to be? We don’t tread lightly, we march through the world with clumsy confidence,  just hoping for somebody to catch wind of our potential for greatness.

Behind the Blog

The Velvet Drifters is a whirlwind of my own thoughts and ramblings. I create when I feel inspired, on sloppy post-it notes, and overflowing piles of loose leaf filled with messy thoughts, in Instagram captions too long for their own good. With a coffee in one hand, and my phone in the other, I set out to create and cultivate beautiful moments to share with you.

Editor in Chief: Kirsten DiCaprio