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I’m Not Bikini Ready

I’m not “bikini ready,” and that’s okay.

But as a young woman, I am constantly experiencing the pressure we all feel at this time of the year. We need to lose weight, get toned abs and get rid of the cellulite on our thighs. But why? To look good in our shorts? Not to feel awkward when taking out your dress at the beach for the first time of the year? These are good reasons. They really are. It is totally normal to want to feel good about our bodies, at a time where it will be exposed more than it usually is. The real question is: why do you want to feel that way?

For the last few years, I wanted to get toned look better, not because I wanted to, but because I felt like I had to. Following those vegan girls on Instagram was beneficial for my health (I started eating whole plant food), but put this extra pressure on me to look good in my bikini. I’m not blaming anyone for this, it’s just how my mind worked. I had to workout because I wanted to look good because it will make me feel validated because I needed to feel approved. I wanted to avoid any mean comment on my body. Those, aren’t good reasons.
Now, I workout because I want to be healthy; to help my asthma to heal, to gain strength, to be able to walk a long time when I’ll be hiking with my dad in Cuba. I won’t pretend a little voice in my head isn’t telling me that this vintage swimsuit I bought will look better on me if I would get out of my bed a do a few squats, but it’s not my only goal anymore. At least, I try to focus on other aspects. If I want to look good, it’s for me, not for others to like me or to avoid negative comments.

So yes I gave up on my workouts for a few months, and that’s okay because 1) I used that time to study for my exams, and 2) it doesn’t matter because I don’t mind having this extra fat on my belly and that cellulite anymore.

This little ramble might sound a little dumb, as at the end of the day I’m still doing the same thing as I did before. But I wanted to share my new perspective on this matter with you. Please don’t feel forced to workout if all you want to do is spending your days at the park, eating ice cream and watermelon with your friends, singing along your favorite Oasis songs (yes that’s my idea of a perfect summer day). Your body is beautiful, and don’t be too self-conscious about it. When you are older, you will look at the old picture of yourself thinking “I was so pretty! Those were good years”.

If you’re not “bikini ready”: that’s okay. We’re together in the “non-bikini ready” team, and that’s even better!

Remember than even your favorite celebrity and your prettiest friend are feeling just like you do.