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Clean + Simple: Chia Seeds

I am currently in the process of becoming a “Certified Health Coach”, and while I’m not exactly sure how that will play out in my life besides being a cool title to add to my Linkedin page, I have at the very least picked up a few tips and tricks through the process. In the midsts of superfoods and multi-vitamins, eating healthy can feel intimidating. Why are so many people obsessed with Avo-Toast? How many greens are too many greens? WTF is Kambutcha and why does it smell so gross? And that’s where I’ll come in. Through this new segment I am introducing to the site, I hope to clear up some of the confusion that can come with eating well. Every once and a while, I’ll pop over here to introduce you to a new way of eating, a new ingredient, and few easy recipes. For the first installment, I thought I would start with something simple, something many of you have probably heard of, and maybe even experimented with before. Chia seeds . What …