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“Conquer anger with non-anger. Conquer badness with goodness. Conquer meanness with generosity. Conquer dishonesty with truth.” -The Buddha

3 Self Care Tips to Try This Weekend

Treat yourself kindly not only with your words, but your actions. Move methodically in light and love. This weekend, make a promise to do something kind for yourself.  Below are some self-care practices and rituals that work for me, use these self-care practices frequently and with intention. Also remember to find what works for you, and linger in the process of self-discovery. Dry Brushing- This invigorating ritual stimulates the lymphatic system* (speeding up the process of eliminating metabolic waste from the body), increases blood circulation, releases toxins and exfoliates dead skin. The feeling of the bristles on your skin stimulates your nervous system and soothes the mind. All you need is a firm bristled brush. Before you bathe, brush your entire body, starting with your feet and moving in large upward stroking motions. Both your skin and the brush should be dry. Always brush towards your heart as this encourages lymph flow to the main ducts of the lymphatic system. Take the time to fully immerse yourself in the experience, embrace your body, radiate care and love …

21 Days of Gratitude Challenge #TVDGratitudeChallenge

  To be honest with you, the first days of 2017 have been quite tough on me. I tried really hard to remain positive, to refocus myself, to set new goals… But it was hard for to focus on the positive things in my life. It was like I couldn’t see them, even when they were right in front of me. I found myself suffering from panic attacks… in short, I wasn’t in a good headspace. I needed to calm down, to breath, and to attempt to get my life back together. One night, I randomly thought of the “365 days of gratitude” @jiliciousjourney has been doing on Instagram since the beginning of 2016. Without thinking twice, I grabbed a notebook a wrote “21 Days of Gratitude: Day 1/21”. I had nothing to lose. People say it takes 21 days to start a habit, so I thought that maybe after those 21 days of recording what I was grateful for, I would have my positivity back. Every day I try to write down all the things …

Let’s Set The Mood

  Let’s set the mood: Driving with the windows down, feeling the breeze tangle through your hair, the summer sun warming your skin. Fleeting moments like these, the sweet sensation of summertime liberation from all the worries of the world. Pieces of perfection scattered through the green grass days, filtered through the summer haze. Playing the music loud, and driving a little too fast, we chase our daydreams as they explode into tangerine sunsets. Let’s dance, and sing and be free as we enjoy our momentary summertime bliss. ●●●☽✰☾●●●   These songs represent the perfectly mashed up sounds of a hot and hazy summer time adventure.   + Stay Groovy, Kirst