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No amount of privilege or distance can deny the danger of our present situation. No man can be so far removed from hatred that they so blindly ignore the threat of misguidance. Was it not just yesterday that our parents’ parents told stories of wars and its horrors? Or has time allowed us to grow ignorant to our own misgivings? Is it not today that those same heroes feel forgotten by their country, used up and tossed to the side?

What climate are we creating for our children? Will there even be a world left to salvage or will they be forced to break bread in a bunker sipping toxic sludge from a straw in their gas masks? Will they still speak of Muslims with the same rancor and hatred that we once directed at Jews, Japs, Blacks or will we have chosen a new object of disgust? Maybe the burden of the white man will become too heavy to bear, we will grow weary and weak. The minorities who have in truth always composed the majority will finally be given the chance to scorn those who have traveled through time seemingly unscathed by history’s recall. Maybe it is time that we know the feeling of abject loathing for unjust causes.

But is this the world in which we wish to live? One where we build walls to protect our egos and dig shallow graves for the victims of a genocide we promised would never be seen again? One where what god we pray to, what hangs between our legs and the pigmentation of our skin decides our fate and acceptance?

These are dark times with inevitably darker days ahead. I am uncertain of where to direct you to find it, but we have to muster up every last scrap of hope we can. We cannot lose faith that our collective humanity can bring about calmness and strength in this insanity. We are a sea of people, beautiful in our glistening diversity. The ebbs and flows of a greater humanity disrupted by a hurricane of misguidance and calamity. The ocean has proved to us that we can weather any storm, and I intend to see this one through.

This is my battle cry, this is my call to action, for we are at the cusp of a revolution. 

These messy thoughts scribbled in my journal yesterday after reflecting on the actions of our president. It took some time for me to mull over the facts, trying to understand the full capacity of the situation. How did we become so far removed? I find myself asking endless questions, ones that can never provoke an answer that satisfies me. How did we get so far removed from the fundamental principals of humanity? We are repeating a course of history we swore we would never see again. We are banning our brothers, our sisters, our mothers, our teachers, our lovers from returning to a country that many of them call home, based on a perceived notion of fear and terror. I can go on forever muttering words and nonsense to try to express my disgust, but that can only take you so far.

Now I must attempt to pick up the pieces of my defeated soul, and lend a hand to my sisters and brothers who have been beaten down but will rise again to show the world their true nature, that is radically different than the dangerous rhetoric we are force fed by our “leaders”. One day perhaps, we will all be able to see each other for who we truly are; human.