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December Favorites


December is a month dedicated to tying up loose ends and preparing for hopeful new beginnings. I concluded my final semester at the Fashion Institute and am about to embark on the process of applying to new schools. December for me meant; finals, cuddles, and Christmas. Long days in the library and late night spent cozied up with my love.

To Listen

 December Edition Playlist

This month, I decided to try something a little different. I took to Instagram, and ask all of you to leave a comment sharing your favorite songs at the moment. I compiled it all into one big playlist, and I LOVED the result. Music is an incredibly personal experience, I think there is something really special about all of us sharing a little piece of ourselves to create something beautiful.

I’ve decided to try it out again for the month of January, and maybe turn it into a monthly mixtape, filled with all of our favorite sounds and songs at the moment.

To Eat

There’s something so satisfying about taking the time to create your own kitchen masterpieces.  November and December were filled with delicious trips to the farmers market, and long afternoons in the kitchen spent preparing hearty dishes. From casseroles, to homemade breads and pastas, we filled our bellies with savory and all together delicate flavors.

As finals rolled around, the luxury of lazy afternoons spent cooking were replaced with late night treats of ice cream and cookies, and last minute calls for Chinese Takeout (Buddha’s Delight is almost always vegan *just make sure you ask if there’s any fish in the sauce). 

To Cleanse

As I run out of my old products, I’ve been trying to find some eco-friendly, vegan alternatives to replace them with. As the cold weather rolls in chapped skin is quick to follow. Moisturizing has been the mission these are some of my favorite products.

Micellar Water– unfortunately the brand I picked up does test on animals. Once this bottle runs out I’ll be sure to look for a cruelty free alternative.

Rosebud Salve– i swear by this product. I slather it on in the mornings after I brush my teeth, and it brings them back to life after a cold winters night.

Shea Moisture– this makeup line is cruelty free and absolutely delicious. I’ve been messing around with a few of their products. They’re all too good to pick a favorite. Best part, they’re found in most drugstores and are super affordable!

To Watch

Transparent– I just started watching this last night and I may already be on episode 5…(no judgement please). It has all the components of a great show a killer soundtrack, amazing concept, and captivating characters.

The Man In The High Castle– After finally finishing Mad Men, me and the bf were looking for a new show to watch together. I heard about this one on NPR, and we decided to give it a try…we were hooked after the first episode. It’s a period piece based in the 1960’s in the United States, imagining what our country would look like if Germany and Japan had won the war. Neither of us are huge history buffs, but this gripping tale is too good to turn away from.

+Stay Groovy, Kirst