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Artists to Watch: Eastern Electric

Photo: Emily Hard

Photo: Emily Hard

Eastern Electric, a young band from the Guilderland-Albany area, had ultimately flown under my radar up until a few months ago. My work and personal schedule made it impossible for me to catch their shows but since the recent release of their debut album Suburban Daydreams, I’ve realized that I had seriously been missing out. This eager group has taken the punk-heavy Albany music scene by storm with their smooth indie sound, all before some of them have even graduated high school. I had the privilege to sit down and chat with Will Burger (lead vocals and guitar) and Jack Buttridge (drums) following their LP release show in late December, (in the least glamorous way possible, waiting for AAA after having car troubles) and I can confidently say that they are some of the most wholesome boys around.

Suburban Daydreams caught me by surprise, perhaps more than any other album has in quite some time. Engineered, produced, mixed, and mastered by  Scoops Dardaris of World Citizen Party House (Albany), this album has proven to be a true source of pride for these boys, and as Will put it, “I never got good grades in high school, but I’ll always be able to look back and feel accomplished because I actually did something I really love.” Albany has a multitude of punk bands and Eastern Electric is one of the very few indie bands in the area, making Burger’s soothing vocals a refreshing change. “I think a lot of our songs have more of a Floydian and Beatles influence,” Jack told me, “I think we did a really good job of creating our own sound and standing out.” The individual creative abilities of these musicians are very clear and admirable, the chemistry between self-proclaimed “metalheads” Ryan Keegan (bass and backing vocals) and Buttridge brings a certain edge to tracks “I Don’t Know Yet” and “Raise My Fucking Grade.” When combined with the extra dimension from Michael Beeche on keys and guitarist Jackson Wolfe, Eastern Electric puts on an impressive live set. As for future plans for the band, they are itching to write new music and are looking forward to possibly touring over this coming summer.

One thing I enjoyed about our conversation was how Will and Jack frequently expressed such a deep gratitude for their friends and family; their support system. The crowd at their release show was jam packed with some of their best friends and relatives, from as far away as Florida. They have a true love for the Albany music scene, they recognize that this community is “all inclusive,” and people from all different walks of life feel welcome at their shows.  

Whether you’re looking for a reminiscent Weezer cover, a grungy punk track or a relaxing ballad, Eastern Electric has something for you. It was a genuine pleasure to talk with Jack and Will, even if it was in a freezing car waiting for a tow truck. I am excited to see what the band has in store for the upcoming year, but in the meantime, Suburban Daydreams is available to stream and download now on Bandcamp, Apple Music, and Spotify.

From left: Michael Beeche, Jack Buttridge, Ryan Keegan, Will Burger, Jackson Wolfe Photo: Scott McCutcheon

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