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Fashion Forward • Getting Started

We live in a world of immediate gratification. You see it, you want it, you got it. In this consumer based cycle, we rarely consider the factors that went into bringing that item to you. The production process is completely disregarded and abused. For a long time a brand’s only priority was to create the best product at the most competitive price.

You know that shirt you impulsively bought because the pattern was cute and it was less than $10, or that sundress you bought but only had a chance to wear once before it went out of style?

For most of us, these purchases make up the majority of our wardrobe. We tend to buy things that catch our eye and appeal to our wallets; it’s cheap, it’s easy, it’s mindless. It satisfies our “something shiny” impulse.

A new study found that women tend to wear their “fashion purchases” just seven times and consider their clothes OLD after being worn only three times. We are producing five times more clothing than we did in 1980, and threw away 40 percent more textiles in 2009 than we did just a decade earlier. This is just the tip of the iceberg; we are trashing our planet, destroying the fashion industry, and going back to the store a week later to repeat the process all over again.

Maybe instead of all this mindless buying we should be asking ourselves; what’s our waste size?

The price on your cute top may have been low, but the actual cost is unimaginably higher. When you take into consideration how many hands graced it before it found its way into yours. In this process we exploit workers, Earth’s resources, and companies are held entirely unaccountable for their actions.

We have become so far removed that many people don’t even know the damage their favorite stores are causing. The first step towards change is raising awareness; and while I could throw statistics at you that would leave your head spinning, I think it’s best for you to come to your own conclusions.

Below are some links to documentaries, pamphlets and articles to get you started:

The True Cost– A great documentary exposing the true cost our fast fashion obsession has on our planet and the workers who are exploited during the process.

Fashion Revolution– An amazing organization with so many great resources and events to help you get involved in making a change. They are the founders of the #whomademyclothes movement, and creators of Fashion Revolution Week which is going on from April 24-30th.

Labour Behind the Label: A campaign to promote garment workers’ rights worldwide. There is a lot of information and ways to get involved and make a change.

Sustainable Style Guide: A list breaking down some of the different aspects of sustainable fashion and features a list of brands who are doing their part.

Mistra Future Fashion: A very aesthetic website with simple and beautiful explanations of sustainable fashion and closed loop production processes.

How to Be a Fashion Revolutionary: A colorful guidebook created to spark change and inspire people to get involved.

Fashion Revolution: Getting Involved: A guidebook of ways to get involved and make a change.

Fashion Transparency Index: Takes a look into how transparent brands are being with their production processes and breaks all of the information down in a really simple to understand way that makes it obvious just how bad we need to make a change.

+Stay Tuned As We Continue To Explore This Subject in The Next Installment of Fashion Forward

+Until Next Time, Kirst