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My First Thanksgiving Away From Home

This year was my first Thanksgiving away from home. My first Thanksgiving without my family. My first Thanksgiving without a sleepy car ride home.

I took a five hour bus from New York to Virginia to visit family. I sat next to a girl who couldn’t stop moving her legs. She was very excited to go home. There was a couple across the aisle who kept bickering. She was pregnant.

I woke up early in my aunt’s house. The air mattress had deflated overnight. Her dog came down to lay with me for a bit. Then we went upstairs to make coffee and a bagel.

Hours later, I was still the only one awake. I showered with music playing and sang loudly because there were no roommates around to complain.

We made a vegan sweet potato casserole and I ate most of it. Coffee and apple pie followed. It didn’t look like Thanksgiving, with only four bodies around the table, but it still felt like it. We played board games and watched Beauty and The Beast after dinner.

I facetimed my parents, who were back home. They spent their day in a full house. Screaming kids and talkative adults; it looked like Thanksgiving. I wasn’t sad or jealous though because I had a full tummy and a dog curled up next to me.

The city feels sort of pressurized. The suburbs do not. It was nice to take the time to breathe and drink my coffee slowly. For the first time in months, I did not feel the pressure to do. Riding home with Tupperware of leftover food in my backpack, I did not think about school or work or anything. My mind was empty and my lungs were full.

slowing down

sometimes i see life in fast motion

and my heart is beating too fast

and the world goes by in blurry photos

and i feel like i’ve just run a marathon

and nothing is getting done

but the clock is going fast

and the world is too fast too fast too fast


but today i am slowing down


in between bites


in between lights


all the time

and i like the world

not paused

but slow

slow down


+Meet Megan
Megan is studying film at New York University and is planning on going into screenwriting. She is a big believer in dessert, 80s movies, the Beatles, and naps. She spends most of her time seeking out vegan cafes, thrift shopping, and taking photos.

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