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January Favorites (+ Giveaway)

The winter can be hard for me. Especially being in a place so familiar with such little structured time, I can find myself getting stuck in a rut. The dreary weather seems to inevitably find a way to dampen my mood. January was long, dull… but none the less filled with small moments of joy, love, and light. This month I tried to take the time to figure out what I needed. How could I best comfort myself through the long winter months ahead. Setting routine, trying to give myself a little extra TLC. As I move out of January, I  know that I need to be better to myself, give more hugs and kisses, step away from my phone more frequently.

Also, if you haven’t already go enter our giveaway on Instagram. We are leading up to the announcement of our first ever Book Club title,  I thought that this would be a good way to celebrate.

To Listen

It’s been a really long time since I’ve dedicated some time to making myself a playlist just for the sake of it, but I’m realizing now it’s something I missed doing. Picking and choosing songs like collecting flowers for a musical bouquet, give it to a friend or a loved one, or just gift it to yourself. Take some time to create, listen, and unwind.

Towards the beginning of the month, I was on a total Jim Croce bender, listening to this album on repeat.


[This] podcast had me hanging on to every word.

[This] podcast got me thinking about government spending and the American Dream.

[This] podcast made me remember I should give myself a little more loving.

To Eat

Winter was meant for indulgence, hearty dishes, and homemade kisses. All throughout January you could find me in the kitchen testing my hand at some adventurous recipes. Vegan chicken noodle soup, pumpkin ravioli, cauliflower buffalo wings. I am no chef, really nobody in my family is, but taking the time to prepare something that you really have to put some effort into makes you really appreciate what you’re eating. To truly appreciate the food you have on your plate, and the nourishment you are giving your body is incredibly important. Another little thing I’ve been doing is even if I’m eating all by myself, I set the table, shut my laptop, put down my phone and organize my plate in the most Instagram worthy way. Then I sit down and savor my meal. I try not to eat in front of a screen if I can help it, let your mind truly focus on one thing at a time.

To Use

For Christmas, my lovely mom got me an essential oil diffuser. I use it almost every single day, if I’m in my room doing work I’ll diffuse something happy and uplifting like Tangerine or Orange, then at bedtime I’ll diffuse Lavender oil to set the sleepy time mood. I’ve really been loving this over candles lately because of how much more natural the scent feels. I love to burn candles and  watch the lights flicker and flow, but after a while… the scent can be overpowering and give me a little bit of a headache. It’s also been really fun for me to start to learn about all the different essential oils and their benefits and effects on the body.

To Love

My boyfriend who puts up with my thrice weekly existential crises. Friday night I sat on his couch upside down (side note: people really don’t spend enough time upside down, especially kids), exclaiming the meaninglessness of life… he was just trying to watch a nice episode of Game of Thrones. But he stopped and he listened, and then in bed that night gave me a pep talk not unlike one you give to a 5 year old at bedtime to lull me to sleep.

To Watch

The Sixties- This is a little docu-series I’ve been putting on Netflix while I cook. They have one for the 70s and the 80s as well that I plan on checking out. It’s a good way to buff up on the things you may have slept through in History class.

Parenthood- I just restarted this show with my family for the second time. I cry at least 3 times every episode.

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