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July Favorites


Wasabi Peas- I’ve gone through 6 or 7 big batches these babies. I love crunchy, I love spicy, and wasabi peas are just so perfectly both of those things.

Peach Toast- Here’s the low down, if you’re going to check out just one thing from this post, you HAVE to try this. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

✰ slather some goat cheese on a piece of toasted sourdough

✰ layer thin slices of peach over

✰ garnish with some crushed pistachios and a little drizzle of honey



Ctrl- SZA’s album has been all I’ve been listening to, jamming to, existing to this month. I even have my boyfriend singing along to Drew Barrymore with me on our drives.

July Favorites Spotify Playlist- For more music loves this month be sure to check out my Spotify (username: kirstendicaprio) for my monthly favorite playlists.

Hidden Brain- Was recently introduced to this podcast and I really like the way it gets me thinking about new and interesting subjects. Here are two episodes I really enjoyed listening to:

Could You Kill a Robot?

“Is He Muslim”

Up First- This podcast reminds me a lot of an audio version of theSkimm (which I love as well). It’s a quick 10-12 minute news blurb meant to help you catch up on what you missed while you were sleeping. I’ll put this on in the morning while I’m putzing around the kitchen getting ready for the day.


Reusable Utensils- I recently ordered a set of reusable to-go utensils to throw into my purse. When you’re out and about plastic and one-time use can feel unavoidable at times. Keeping these little lightweight bamboo utensils is just one small step I’m trying to take personally to move towards a more sustainable future.

Reusable Produce Bags- Sticking with the same theme, I was gifted a set of reusable produce bags for my birthday. I hate to use the plastic bags available at the grocery store, but putting fresh fruits and veggies directly into the cart can be a little…dirty at times. These offer a nice way to avoid plastic and provide a sustainable solution.


@StainsonTheSidewalk- An amazingly talented, dedicated photographer who had dedicated herself to photographing the scene of every murder that took place in Baltimore during 2016. Check out her interview on NPR, as well as her Instagram page.

Drifter Instagram Live Chats- I’ve been a handful of live chats on Instagram. I annouce the schedule on my Instagram story, as well as Snapchat. Each chat has a different topic so that we can discuss in a more interactive way. Thank you to everyone who’s tuned in so far and be sure to tune in Monday at 4pm EST for the next chat.

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