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Linger here, let the

moments leave and the storms impose themselves upon your eyes.

The stars paint themselves in sunlight,

see it scintillate on the beams of sparkling gold–

when the constellations weave together their hearts,

we write our stories

and let the emerald hues of the pictures

tell them.

Remember when you saw yourself in the stories;

you are light, you are light,

and the rubies are wrought upon ephemeral skies.

Speak, don’t

leave this time–

you are light, you are light,

and ethereal eloquence is the universe in you.

+Meet Ekta

Ekta Daryani is a high school student and writer, who is more accurately described as a dreamer. She wants to help as many people as she can to finally reach that moment of realizing that you are your own person; the moment in which you realize to become confident and wholly, completely, yourself. She tries to do this through the words that she writes and the pictures that she takes (both photos in this piece are her own).

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