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Exclusive Song Release ✸ A Brazilian Artist Ready For Global Domination

He’s back and better than ever. Maddox is making his return to the public spotlight after a two-year hiatus. He is a talented artist and musician who we have spoken to before on The Velvet Drifters. He comes to us today to share a bit about his journey, his personal growth, and his new song being released TODAY.

What are your current songs on repeat?
Kehlani – Honey
Stwo ft. Jeremih – Neither Do I
Rita Ora – Anywhere
Dvsn – Don’t Choose
Jack Garrat – Worry
TOKiMONSTA – Don’t Call Me
Jhene Aiko – Sativa

It’s been two years since your last music release, what have you been up to since?
I’ve been studying a lot, reading books, filling my brain with music, references, tools, possibilities, ideas. I feel quite tired, but I know it is for a good reason. I have a vocal coaching that helps me with the singing, and I study psychology and the arts at university.

Plans for the future?
Release new songs, a video clip, an art exhibition and hopefully playing at festivals!

Current music icons?
Anitta, she’s a Brazilian pop singer. Her work ethic, strategy, marketing, management, creativity, and professionalism inspires me so much, her mindset is outta of this world, she’s a very talented workaholic.

I guess Aminé, Lil Yachty, Jhene Aiko and Ta-ku are on the list too.

What does a typical day look like for you?
I wake up at 6:30 a.m., I prepare myself to go to work as fast as I can them I drive listening to my favorite tunes on Spotify. Sometimes after work, I go to University, and on some days of the week I have music class or art class, and I go to the gym 3 times a week. Studio Sessions with my producer always on Saturday and Sunday. I actually hate to wake up early, it’s the worst part of my day, but I love my work, because it’s when I have the best ideas to create art, I work as a Teacher Assistant at a Canadian Elementary school, my students are so creative that I bring a notebook to note all the good ideas they share with me.

What personal advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue this career?
Honestly, the music industry is a hard and complicated industry, and if your family doesn’t work in this business, it is way harder… so prepare yourself every single day of your life, don’t waste your time designing a perfect setup to start your dream, it will never happen if you don’t work really, really hard. No one will knock on your door saying “Hey, I want to be your manager and agent, sign this contract for an album”, be your own manager, your own agent, your own company. Be your biggest supporter, don’t wait on people to say how amazing you are, just be amazing without needing someone else’s improvement. Study a lot while your friends are having fun, there’s nothing more important than education in this world, it can lead you anywhere. Enjoy the process of becoming an artist, don’t worry too much about the grand finale, only have in mind that you are already there.

How have you grown or changed since your last EP?
So, everything changed… I was listening to my EP Bayswater a few days ago and it says a lot about how I’ve changed as a musician and as a human being too. I feel like the songs I wrote when I was 17 don’t really speak about who I am now with 21. It is actually a nostalgic moment to listen to my album, this album is about a really special phase I went through. Being adolescent is painful but if you look to it with a different optic, you can create such a solid piece of art, and when I created Bayswater I didn’t even realize how difficult my life was becoming, I didn’t pay attention to the process of leaving the teenage bubble. I actually went through so many different phases since them, basically trying to find who I am and what is my purpose. You know, I let so many people tell me who I am that I ended up having an existential crisis, so I decided to travel by myself often. At the end of 2015, I went back to New Zealand and I stayed three months searching for who I am on many different landscapes. I took myself on so many long walks around North Shore and Downtown in Auckland, the place where I spent the last days of my adolescence. I used to love just to walk around with my iPod, looking at the houses I imagining what was going on inside, just feeling the space, the people and the energy, I actually didn’t visit Bayswater Park once again because I wasn’t ready emotionally, which was good because I had the chance to walk in Devonport and Takapuna loads. I went to my High School backyard to read books and write poems, with the most beautiful view in the world (the building is just behind Rangitoto Island), I went to my favourite bakery Little & Friday, my favourite sushi shop, I went to the beach every day in the morning to meditate, I spent hours at Real Groovy, an epic cd store on Queen Street. I traveled by myself also to Wellington to visit my best friend Adma, we went to New Zealand together when we were 17 but she never came back to Brazil, she took me to long walks around Wellington, we went to the movie and museums, gardens, stores. The best part of this trip it was when I traveled to Tauranga, a small city on the littoral where I climbed the mount Maunganui with no food and water. It was a life-changing moment for me, it proved how strong, patient, resilient I am and the magic happened! When I get at the top of the mount, I realized how powerful I am for the first time of my entire life, and since that moment I keep whispering in my ear how powerful, creative and talented I am. I still exploring places inside myself that I left so many years sleeping, and every time I find something new about me, it mesmerizes me. I often ask myself why it took me so long to love myself, but we need to trust the timing, there is a purpose behind in everything that God puts on your path.

What is the greatest challenge you’ve had to overcome as a musician?
Being a Brazilian on the music industry. You have no idea how difficult it is, but it is also a blessing, I feel if I was from another country with a different environment maybe it wouldn’t feel as challenging to me, but I am obsessed with the challenge, those challenges that demand every ounce of your effort. I’m pretty sure I will overcome this challenge I’m setting up to myself. I can, I want it and I will.

What’s your proudest accomplishment?
Everything that I achieved through my creativity, the books I illustrated, the pieces of art I created, the album I’ve released and the album that is producing, the network I’m able to create using the power of creativity is a boost to me.

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