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Redefining the Future of Fashion with Marsanne Brands

marsanne-02On a sticky unseasonably warm Manhattan day, I ran through the streets of Chelsea lost, as usual, trying to find the Marsanne showroom. I frantically boarded the elevator, a little bit nervous and a little bit late, and headed up to meet the visionaries behind Marsanne Brands. As they opened the door, they opened a portal to another dimension. Their showroom vibrant and filled with energy. Racks of their custom made pieces all sewed, screen printed, and designed individually. Immediately you could sense the pure, raw, unfiltered talent and passion.

Describe Marsanne Brands in 10 words or less.
Not quantifiable. Variable X.

What’s your favorite piece?
I don’t have one. I favor the process of all pieces, all garments have a different voice but share the same will.


How did Marsanne Brands come to be?
Marsanne Brands has always been embedded within me at some capacity. The origins of Marsanne Brands lays in the DNA that surrounds us, the patterns of colors that suffocate our minds constantly. It is the symbols and meanings of life all gathered into some skins (our garments) that can be worn.

Where do you find inspiration for new designs?
Design inspiration comes from the world around us. We aim to work with the bones of what lies left in a garment and recreate skin from point 0 to create another creature. We seek inspiration from everything around us. No moment goes unnoticed.


Each piece you create tells a story, could you take us through the story behind one of your favorite pieces?
Each piece has a different story, and multiple pieces come together to create a drop on our website. Each drop has an underlying theme or symbol that is relevant to evolution and growth. All of our garments are hand-dyed, and they all end up in a similar stage. By the time our garment is at the final coloring stage of dying, it looks like some kind of cell body/ interior art.

Hand sewing and crafting each piece is time intensive work and stands in direct contrast to the fast fashion we’re constantly being bombarded by. Marsanne Brands seems to rebel against that concept… could you talk about that?
We are the opposite of fast fashion. We are an army aiming to reveal and endorse individuality from all walks of life. Fast fashion makes us into the robots we never wanted our people to be. All Marsanne garments are 1/1, meaning that there is only one of each garment created. But, if you were to put all garments next to each other, they are extremely cohesive and recognizable. One soldier may recognize another in Marsanne skin. We hope to shed light on an individual while tying them closer into our community of people worldwide.


What is it that you are trying to communicate through your art?
For all the moments and pulses that the world has missed. The equations that we cannot seem to solve. Maybe, do not even see. Only intuit. Maybe.

Garments can silence in their own right. Then they claim a new voice, fashion the outspoken, rethink humanity. Ours. Because with life and experience we carry new skin. And shed old.

Could you talk about the concept of sustainable fashion and what the means to the Marsanne Brands?
Sustainability is vital to the well being of this planet and everything in it in all aspects at large. Marsanne Brands takes garments that are recycled/ have been abandoned. We breathe life back into garments and create new animals. It’s all about the creative process and further direction – persistence.

Where can we shop Marsanne Brands?
Marsanne Brands is available to view/shop on our platform at We are also in some stores online and nationwide (they may be viewed on our website). Additionally, we hold open hours at our studio in NYC. We are also on social media platforms where you can follow us and keep up with our work on a daily basis.

+Find Them Here
Instagram // Facebook // Tumblr // Youtube

+NYC Event
In November, Marsanne Brands will have a booth at American Field in Brooklyn November 11-12 (274 36th Street, Brooklyn).  Find more information (here)