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Morning Rituals


I’ve always been a morning person; setting my alarm hours before I actually have to be out of the house, spending time lingering in the lazy stillness of it all while I brew my coffee. The mornings are a quite, peaceful time to set the tone for the rest of your day. This summer I’ve been working crazy hours, leaving the house at 9am and not returning until 1am some days. Mornings have become my only moments of solitude and clairity. Establishing a morning ritual, or a routine helps me to set my day up for success, and keep me grounded through the hectic day to follow. I recently listened to this podcast on the subject, and highly recommend you check it out to hear some different takes on the importance of morning routine and simplifying.

The very first step I took towards getting into a better routine was to personalized alarms on my phone, with various ringtones and cute messages to myself for every day of the week. I try to change them up every once in a while, usually when I’m procrastinating doing something else a little more important. Pre scheduling what time you’re going to wake up, helps you get into a groove, rather than playing the game of “how late can I possibly sleep in and still make it on time” in bed at night.

My Morning Routine:

7am- Wake Up + Get Out of Bed ASAP. As soon as I wake up I try to find the motivation to swing my legs out from under the covers and get moving before I have a chance to convince myself to hit snooze. That’s probably one of the biggest tips I can offer people who are trying to become morning lovers… the worst part is lying around in bed after waking up, you just have to find the motivation to get up and get at it.

7:10am- Brew Coffee, Pour Water, cue Up First.  Then I’ll listen to Up First while my coffee brews and try to make it my goal to finish my quart of water before the episode is over.I’ve spoken about my love of this podcast before.Once the coffee is finished brewing, I’ll head over to my cabinet, pick my favorite mug, and pour myself a nice cup to sip on through the rest of the morning.

7:30am- Yoga. I’m a big fan of DoYogaWithMe, specifically Fiji’s classes. This one has been a personal favorite for the past week.

8am- Quick Shower + Tidy Room + Get Dressed. The second part of that still needs some work, I’ve really been trying to be better about keeping my space clean and tidy… but as I type this, my room is in a complete state of chaos.

8:15am- Breakfast. I’ll go weeks at a time eating the same exact thing, then eventually get bored and switch it up…sometimes it’s oatmeal, eggs and toast, or maybe a bit of yogurt.

8:30-45am- Grab and Go. Refill the coffee mug, fill myself up a bottle of water, grab anything else I need for the day and head out the door.

The “Yoga” slot in my morning routine is the one that switches up the most, some days it’s writing, some days it’s catching up on some blog work, or just reading my book. Really that is just some built in “me time” for my busiest days. I like to take the time to do whatever is going to help center me the most.

Having a morning ritual I enjoy makes me look forward to getting up in the morning every day. I wake up feeling inspired and motivated to make the most out of my day.

+What Does Your Morning Routine Look Like?

++Until Next Time, Kirst