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Never Again: Genocide in Chechnya

I’ve always been interested in history. I really enjoy learning about how life was back then, from the Athenian democracy to the industrial revolution, by way of the monarchy and the French Revolution. Through my school years, a specific chapter of history captured my attention and took my fascination to another level: World War II. More than the war itself, I was (and still am) fascinated by the way propaganda worked, and am still trying to understand how the government managed to keep citizens from revolting. I’ve always thought we had learned the lesson, and that it won’t ever happen again.

Until last month.

“Abductions.” “Blackmail”. “Persecutions”. “Tortures”. “Executions”.  “Concentration camps”.

These words, that I usually met in books and historical documentaries, had recently started appearing on my social media, and in covered up, easily disregarded stories on the news.

On the 1st of April, the Russian independent newspaper Novaïa Gazeta revealed the persecution of homosexuals men in the republic of Chechnya. The LGBTQ community has been the target of what some call a genocide. People are arrested, sent to unofficial prisons, tortured, and sometimes killed by their own family in order to “clean their honor”. I won’t get into details, first because I don’t want to hurt anyone, but mainly because I can’t. I couldn’t find much information… Despite the gravity of the situation, very few media are exposing the matter. I honestly don’t understand why, and that’s why I wanted to share the petition down below with you. It’s free to sign it, and it can be helpful.


+Click here to sign the petition: https://www.amnesty.org.uk/actions/stop-abducting-and-killing-gay-men-chechnya