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We humans strive to become perfect,

and when we’re not, we often get upset with ourselves.

We think of things to change to reach the end goal: perfection

I wish I grew up knowing that no one’s ever perfect,

then I wouldn’t have gotten upset with myself as much when

I was younger. When I turn on the tv I see all these ads on how

to fix certain problems within ourselves, then I look in the mirror

and become convinced that I need to buy that product.

Society is telling us that if you look a certain way or if you have

a certain problem within yourself, then you need to fix it to become

“beautiful” or “less odd”

Even in school, we strive to get the perfect grades because

if we don’t, we are considered failures. Even if you try your hardest,

society wants to see all A’s. But I find this whole perfectionism thing

pure bullshit. No one is ever going to be perfect

so why put all this pressure on yourself?

Stop buying products on tv that will make you feel/look better

and instead use that money to become inspired rather than changing yourself. And what I mean by that is buy books, art supplies,

take yourself on a date, inspire yourself.

If you spend all this time worrying about being perfect,

you’re never going to have the chance to live life to the fullest.

Life isn’t perfect so you don’t have to be either.

Nothing in life blooms all year round, be patient with yourself.


-Darlene S.