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Yesterday I saw you for the first time
in a while, walking down the street with a mess
of curls piled onto your head and wild
inspiration in your eyes.  I immediately saw
you and thought this is what happiness
looks like.

A book I read said issues occur when
the imagination is stronger than the perception of reality.
So I wear clothes the color of blood and hug more
trees.  I am learning to root myself in
the Earth instead of in you.

I bought a new pair of glasses the other day so I could change
how I see the world,
but for some reason I am still
writing poems about you.

Someone once told me we see
what we want.  Maybe
that’s why I feel like we’re the only ones
in the room when you walk through
the door.


+Meet Annie
Annie Barron is from Boston, Massachusetts, and studies at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon.

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