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Creating Sacred Space

Creating a space that is altogether your own can provide a sense of grounding and cleansing. Knowing there is someplace, even just a small corner, for you to escape and to return to can help you stay centered.

It’s important to fill your space and your heart with light and love, and provide yourself with comfort and inspiration. I’ve spoken before about the importance of having a clear space, getting rid of the old can help usher in the new. Once you’ve decluttered, here are some things to add to create a vibrant and inspiring sacred space.

Display the treasures from your travels, small statues from around the world, or little trinkets from the thrift shop

Burn incense or diffuse essential oils to create ambiance and set the tone

Keep a basket filled with self care essentials for a blue day

Tape up your favorite pictures of friends, magazine clippings, and notes; fill your walls with art

String lights throughout your room, hang them sporadically over your bed to create your own constellations

Tuck a shoe box under your bed; fill it with memories

Keep a soft robe hanging on the back of your door

A candle to watch flicker when you’re working late into the night. I prefer unscented candles so that I can burn incense or diffuse essential oils which offer a much lighter, more natural scent.

Bring in life and light with some plants, pick up hanging vines or cacti. Durable green babies to keep you company and your space vibrant

Fill a jar with your favorite markers, pens, watercolors and place it on your desk as a reminder to create

Make your bed complete with cozy blankets and beautiful pillows

Pile your favorite books around your bed or overflowing on your bookshelf

+Until Next Time, Kirst

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