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Artist to Watch: SAKURA

Photo: Danny DeRusso

When I was around the age of 15, I used to look forward to acoustic shows at local businesses Professor Java’s and Emack & Bolio’s, specifically to see my dear friend Myron James perform. He put on a wonderful set, typically featuring a few singles and some wholesome Parachute covers; all of which I was always proud of him for. Roughly five years later, Myron has branched off of his traditional “early millennial punk and folk/roots” songwriting, fully embracing the art of soul. The music he is currently writing, with the help of guitarist Kurt Common, is nearly unrecognizable when compared to his earlier work, which makes me all the more excited to introduce to you: SAKURA.

I spoke briefly with Myron about what we should expect from SAKURA, just a few weeks after beginning work on their debut EP. The duo formally came together just last summer, he remarked at how they were “enamored by each other’s style.” Kurt brings incredible talent to the table and the two have astounding chemistry, combining each other’s individual influences to create one solid sound. Myron cited Anderson Paak as one of the musicians who inspired this shift in personal style for him, and that influence shines brightly. Represented by the artist collective Palm Tree Music Group, these boys have a lot of potential to thrive in the local music scene.

This duo has been hard at work, as Myron tells me, “We’ve been putting our entire life force into launching this project and getting the music exactly the way we want it.” What I admire the most about musicians, specifically those just starting out or undiscovered artists, is the perseverance and the drive it takes to navigate the music industry. It takes courage to share your art, it requires taking risks. To aspiring artists, Myron offers some advice:

Being around people who respect your interests as a musician is really important, but the truth is you just have to work harder than everyone around you. This is a relative concept because technically there will always be someone working harder than you somewhere, but letting that fear push you from behind as opposed to standing in front of you is the best gift you can give yourself.

The SAKURA boys have a long road ahead of them, and they have a lot of work to do to get this project off the ground. As for long term goals, they hope to start booking more shows after the release of their EP. I’m confident in saying that is a band you will want to keep on your radar, for all updates on SAKURA and other notable local artists, check out the Palm Tree Music Group website and social media pages, all linked below.


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