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Self Care Package

Treat yourself kindly, with your words and your actions. Be soothing to your soul and reach deep into your heart so that you may bloom, showing the world your true inner beauty. Self care is an essential practice that is quick to become neglected in our hectic lives. We have space in our hearts to be gentle and kind to those surrounding us, yet when it comes to our needs we are quick to make sacrifices and cut corners.

Having a self care routine, something safe to fall back on during hard times will help to keep you rooted and feeling strong throughout the changing winds of life. Sometimes a physical reminder to take a moment to yourself can help to encourage your practice.

Take a moment on a calm day and fill a basket, a shoe box, whatever works for you, with items that bring you joy. Decorate it, put it on display, or tuck it under your bed; keep it in a safe space where you won’t forget about it. Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed, take a moment to revisit the self care package you’ve curated for yourself.

This was an incredibly helpful tool to have early on in my recovery. It helped to keep me occupied and redirect my energy in a more positive direction. What helps you, may be different that me; take the time to carefully select the objects you piece together for yourself. Below are some suggestions to help get you started.


  1. Watercolors
  2. Favorite Nail Polish Color
  3. A CD or playlist of songs to pick you up
  4. Knitting Needles
  5. Crochet Hooks
  6. Supplies for a craft or project
  7. A journal
  8. A list of movies/ tv shows you want to watch
  9. A list of people you can call and talk to
  10. Puzzle
  11. Bath Bomb
  12. Face Mask
  13. Calming Essential Oils
  14. Candle
  15. Your Favorite Lotion
  16. A copy of your favorite book
  17. Collect recipes to try if you enjoy cooking
  18. Keep materials to make cards and write yourself a love letter
  19. Print out a few of your favorite pictures to remind you that you are loved
  20. Keep magazine scraps and cut outs to create a vision board
  21. Create a quick workout that you can do at any time to get your blood flowing and clear your headspace
  22. Dry Brush
  23. Write out a mantra to repeat to yourself, keep it tucked away
  24. A timer, a simple reminder to take as much or as little time as you need to recenter and regroup
  25. A packet of your favorite hot chocolate or coffee
  26. Keep a map or a tourist guide of one of the places on your bucket list and get inspired
  27. Ice Roller
  28. Packets of Calming Tea
  29. Comfortable Set of Pajamas
  30. Heated Blanket

+We’d love for you to share your creations; tag us on Instagram using the hashtag #TVDSelfCare to inspire and be inspired by other people’s creations.

+Stay Groovy, Kirst

  • maddie

    absolutely love this idea! this would be so great for those days when I am stressed from school or just needing some inspiration! xx, maddie of