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Your Body, Their Benefit

The female form deserves to be celebrated, liberated, and enjoyed. My body is my choice, and I will live in my skin freely. However, I refused to be reduced to a sexual object because of the curves I carry. Sexual Objectification occurs when a woman’s body or body parts are singled out and separated from her as a person and she is viewed primarily as a physical object of male sexual desire (Bartky, 1990). Social media plays a huge part in college social life, several accounts have popped up dedicated solely to the booze filled, hazy days of college. Many of these accounts feature girl submitted branded “nudes”, meant to promote their company through bikini bodied babes. Companies like Old Row, Top Tier, Raging Mammoth, and Barstool Sports count on girls stripping down to bring up their bottom line. These companies are setting a dangerous precedent for young women and young men alike. The young men running these companies, are continuing to nod to the all too prevalent idea that women are only as valuable …

Know Justice, Know Peace

How does one begin to address the horrors that have shown their ugly faces all throughout our great nation? How does one fight the urge to react in anger? How do we even begin to clean up a mess that has seeped so deep into our culture that people are still denying that it’s an issue?