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Monthly Mixtape: February Edition

Tucked away in a cabin in the middle of the woods, I continue to find myself lost in the simplicity of it all. The snow surrounding us feathering down to create thick white blankets coating the trees and the ground, warming our hearts. We finish a bottle of wine, revisiting old childhood movies, planning our next getaway. This February Edition is a collection of some of my favorite songs at the moment paired with the beautiful suggestions from all of you. Relax, enjoy, and indulge yourself in this month’s playlist.   + Be Sure to Check Out The Latest Edition to The Site +Stay Groovy, Kirst

Let’s Set The Mood

  Let’s set the mood: Driving with the windows down, feeling the breeze tangle through your hair, the summer sun warming your skin. Fleeting moments like these, the sweet sensation of summertime liberation from all the worries of the world. Pieces of perfection scattered through the green grass days, filtered through the summer haze. Playing the music loud, and driving a little too fast, we chase our daydreams as they explode into tangerine sunsets. Let’s dance, and sing and be free as we enjoy our momentary summertime bliss. ●●●☽✰☾●●●   These songs represent the perfectly mashed up sounds of a hot and hazy summer time adventure.   + Stay Groovy, Kirst