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Ten Things

✰ I enrolled myself in a class on CHALLENGING WEALTH AND INCOME INEQUALITY starting today. I’m taking this course completely for free, on a website called Future Learn. It’s a website offering loads of free courses on a huge variety of subjects. It’s a really great way to be exposed to new things you maybe don’t cover in your school, but are interested in.

✰ I just started listening to the S-Town podcast, and let me tell you, it’s GREAT. It’s about a little middle of nowhere Alabama town one of it’s residents has lovingly dubbed Shit Town, and follows the story of murder and scandal brimming through the streets of this seemingly quite town.

✰ I’ve been trying to in cooperate a little more yoga in my life, I’m not the most flexible person out there, so the idea of classes can be a little intimidating. I’ve been experimenting with a few different online yoga classes, so far this has been my favorite YouTube channel. Her videos are challenging, but she is so soothing and relaxed throughout the whole video.

✰ I am currently writing this sitting in a Starbucks and it’s freezing in here. I’m sipping on a Lime Refresher (mixed feelings), and waiting to go on a Job Interview at a store next door (!!!)

✰ Some genius girls in my area created a Girls Supporting Girls Facebook page; a safe space for support, love, and kindness. They will forever be local heros in my heart for creating something so filled with joy and putting local girls in the area in touch with other likeminded people. How awesome would it be if more towns had something like this?!

✰ Just stumbled across This Dazed Article (while procrastinating writing this piece) and officially added these 6 documentaries to my Must-See list on Wunderlist.

✰ April Showers bring May Flowers and monthly Spotify playlists bring me joy.

✰ Eryn over at Living Open, was kind enough to interview me for her incredible podcast. You can listen to the episode I was featured in (here). I highly suggest you check out the show, she interviews so many amazing people on a lot of really interesting topics.

✰ The birds have been chirping outside my window when I wake up every morning this past weekend. It’s the first sign that spring is slowing emerging here in Upstate New York. I can’t wait for warm days and the summer sun ahead.

✰ I’ve been looking for some good Depop, Etsy, small businesses to pick up some quirky unique jewelry from. If anyone has any suggestions, please share them below in the comments!!

+Stay Groovy, Kirst