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How TF I Stay Organized

One of the biggest obstacles of being your own boss is the lack of “structured time”. Basically, everything that I have to do, can be done from bed in my underwear wearing my favorite hot sauce stained sweatshirt. But, no matter how much I wish it was, THAT is not a recipe for success.

I’ve had to learn to set deadlines for myself and figure out ways to stick to them or else nothing will ever get done. I have developed some method to my madness, but I’m still far from productive perfection (see the fact that I’ve had the Word Document open to write this post all damn day).

Here are some of the apps I use, the strategies I implement, and the ways I stay motivated to get shit done.

Google Calendar

So basic, yet so necessary in my life. It’s great to keep track of the big stuff. I use 2 separate calendars to keep things extra organized. There’s one for all things Velvet Drifters, it helps me to schedule posts and organize meetings. Being able to see an overview of the month helps me to visualize how often I’m posting in a clear way. I also have one for personal stuff, like doctors appointments and yoga classes.


This app is my productivity crack. I have EVER aspect of my life scheduled down to when I wash my hair (every 5 days). The ability to organize my to-do list by category is SO helpful. I also keep a folder for recommendations of books to read, movies to watch and places to see. If I ever feel like I don’t know what to do, I check back to my Wunderlist and just start looking for things to check off (the little ping when you check the box honestly keeps me sane.) My favorite feature is the ability to set recurring reminders. Every day I am reminded to (1.) Take My Supplements (2.) Read (3.) Meditate (4.)Move My Body.

Get Old Fashion

I have a handful of spiral bound white notebooks that I keep everywhere, with my favorite pen tucked into the spiral. Sometimes, no app in the world can calm down my scatter brain. I use this when I’m doing work to jot down any thoughts or notes I want to remember. Somehow bringing things back to the physical realm can really help spark me to get movin’ and groovin’.

+How Do You Stay Motivated?

+Stay Groovy, Kirst